St. David's Society of Minnesota

United to Celebrate and Explore Welsh Culture

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Easy Welsh Quiz!

Or at least deemed Easy
by the quiz creators...

Hard Welsh Quiz!

See if you can answer any of theses hard questions from the North American Festival of Wales.

Croeso! Welcome!StDavidsLogo-w200h220.png

The St. David's Society of Minnesota was formed to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Welsh immigrants to Minnesota. To these ends, St. David's Society members celebrate and cultivate all things Welsh - in literature, history, music, dance, art or ideas, traditional and contemporary.

Visit our What's On? page to learn more about how to participate.

Upcoming Events

  • The Well-Read Dragons Book Club: Saturday, April 7 at 11:30 am at Davanni’s, 3673 Lexington Ave. N. in Arden Hills.  Come to talk about Bred of Heaven by Jasper Rees. See more details and the list of books for discussion through August 2018 on the What's On page. Come even if you haven't read the book. 
  • Welsh Language and Conversation: Sunday, April 8 at 2:00pm at 8844 Stevens Ave. S., Bloomington, MN. Direct questions to

Visit the What's On? page for more details of all these events.

Results of Member Survey at St. David's Day Banquet

We asked our members to fill out a survey on what kind of activities they would be interested in attending. Here are the results, in order of number of votes:

St. David's Day Banquet: 28 votes
Welsh movies: 18
Gymanfa: 15
To learn more about Welsh history: 15
To learn more about the history of Welsh in MN: 14
Annual picnic: 13
Welsh performers: 11
Book club: 10
Social activities: 10
Pub gatherings: 10
Group singing: 10
To learn more about Wales: 9
To share stories: 6
To learn about Welsh current events: 6
To learn/practice Welsh: 5
Welsh speakers: 5

The St. David's Society of MN Board is looking for places to show movies -- if you know of a place, please contact us.

Contact us at  or visit and "like" our Facebook page to learn more about the Welsh and Wales at local, national, and international levels: Go to facebook