St. David's Society of Minnesota

United to Celebrate and Explore Welsh Culture

About Us

Some information about who we are and what we do

The St. David's Foundation

The St. David’s Foundation awards scholarships to members or children/grandchildren of members who desire to learn more about their heritage or contribute to its preservation.

Such endeavors include, but are not limited to:
• Attendance at one of the North American Welsh language courses, Cwrs Cymraeg, sponsored by Cymdithas Madog [Society of (Prince) Madog]; or Welsh Heritage Week. Both are week-long courses that focus on language and culture;

• Attendance at NAFOW, the North American Festival of Wales, if such attendance would not be possible without financial assistance. NAFOW is always held over Labor Day weekend at various venues in the U.S. and Canada. NAFOW 2017 will be held Aug. 31–Sept. 3 in Rochester, N.Y.

• Research in Wales. 

To donate to the St. David’s Society Foundation, send a check to Ron Adams, 3680 Independence Ave. S. #12, St. Louis Park, MN 55426.  Contact him at for application and further information. 

Partner Organizations

The Minnesota Welsh Association (MWA)

In the 1920s, the Minnesota Welsh Association (MWA) was formed. Its major purpose was to plan and arrange for an annual Minnesota Welsh Festival in Mankato, MN each September.


The Welsh North American Association

Each year, the WNAA organizes the North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW) over the Labor Day weekend. 


The Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project

The Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project is based in Wymore, Nebraska.  Its purpose is to discover, preserve, interpret and celebrate the history and contributions of Welsh pioneers on the North American prairies. They host several events throughout the year to preserve and promote Welsh American heritage of Nebraska and the Great Plains.



Our Purpose

The St. David's Society of Minnesota was formed to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Welsh immigrants to Minnesota.  We welcome anyone with an interest in Wales and Welsh culture -- you do not have to have ancestors from Wales!  The Society is a place where you can meet great people, learn about Wales and all things Welsh, and share your experiences, knowledge and talents!  

Board Members                                    

Ron Adams
Ilene Dawn Alexander, vice-president
Janice Gwyneth Barbee, president
Sara (Sally) Evans, treasurer
David & Marla Gladen
Hywel Roberts
Robert Sherman & Barbara Powell Sherman

Contact Us


To donate to the St. David’s Society of Minnesota, send a check or money order to the Society Treasurer: Sally Evans, 606 - 7th St. SE, Apt. 1B, Minneapolis, MN 55414. For info, contact Sally at 

Why donate to the St. David’s Society? The St. David’s Society uses donations to aid the general fund, which is used for room rental for events, production costs for the newsletter, stipends to conductors and guest presentators/musicians, and other needs.

National Sponsor

On several occasions the Society has served as the local host sponsor for an annual nationwide gathering of those who treasure Welsh culture and heritage. The North American Festival of Wales, formerly called the National Welsh Gymanfa Ganu has been hosted in Minneapolis multiple times, most recently in 2014.

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